Sunday, November 28, 2004

this is why i need to post often

So many nice things have happened to me in the last few weeks, and as I sit here with that 'sunday evening feeling', I just wanted to be thankful for what I have had recently. And share it with you. It all kicked off with a crackbaby moment at 2.30am the day before Bonnie's wedding when I realized that my train tix were not for 4am but 4pm that day and I would not be able to use them to get to my doc appt at 7.30am let alone the rehearsal dinner. Crying and panicking, I did the first thing I usually do under terrible stress (like when i dropped an earring down the crack in my green street bedroom, lost it and realized i was NOT OK), I called Bahia and woke her up. She calmly encouraged me to check greyhound for busses and I found one that would be leaving at 6am. After calling David to get a little more assurance that all would work out, I purchased an eticket for the train and looked up how to get to the bus station online. Amazing what can be done with a credit card, wireless internet and a cell phone in the middle of the night. I called Carle hospital at 7am to tell them that i would not be able to make my appt and could we push it back? They told me that I didnt have an appointment for today, that I was scheduled for 19 jan and not 19 nov! All this was 'coordinated' by me, someone who sets up travel itineraries for third parties in Europe all day! And I cant even get myself to a full physical correctly. SO after realizing that I had been fasting for 14 hours for an exam that I have in 2005, I tried to relax and focus on the beautiful bride who I was coming down to 'attend to'.

I met bonnie for pedies mannies and set up at the reception hall. then the rehearsal and the dinner. Throughout the day I found myself having a hard time relaxing and going with the flow (ME??!! never!) eventhough Bonnie was the most GRACIOUS and easygoing bride ever. Her ability to love others is astounding and inspiring. And I think the phrase that I heard her say most over the weekend was 'oh, i dont care, do whatever you want'... not expected. So many of the things that I would stress out about were completely out of my control and not bothering anyone as much as they bothered me. It was a reminder of how hard it is for me to go through life taking everything so seriously, admitting so much strain and pressure into my body. Some nice things that came from the weekend: I got to spend time with Jess(ic)a who was the maid of honor and I love like a cousin that you dont know well but just love and care about. When we were little girls, it was Bonnie, Jessa, Katie and Martha all around the same age and it was special for Jessa and I to watch our sister get married and be so happy. I was very emotional at the wedding, just because I felt honored, and she is a lifelong and beloved, and someone so sweet deserves total joy and because, lets face it, it's me and I am an emotional sap.

David was up in Chicago for the whole week and it was great acting like a real couple for a bit. We went out with his sister, I cooked dinner one day, went to a coffee shop in Wicker Park, visited his crew from highschool and all before thanksgiving break. I spent THurs with his fam and they were kind to me as always. Then my fam got back from Toronto (jealous) and the girls, including Carlotta, spent two nights at my place. The sister time was good and no one gets silly like we do. Friday was downtown shopping and seeing the winter beauty of Chicago. The worst part was not getting to spend time with KT and ben as I had planned, but I did get to see the bling (on KTs finger and on the couples face). So happy for them. Saturday was Q family dinner where i learned how to play texas 5 card hold 'em (i think?) and had a great time with the cousins. after that, bahia erik david and i went on a birthday shopping spree where d and b purchased matching snowboots and made plans to sled either on the trash heap or HI tower. It was a great week and I am so filled with contentment thinking back to it. Call me if you want to hear about Davids moms santas, they are so funny in a Full Monty knolmes way.

Thank you to friends who have blessed this week (KT, Nabihe, Megan, Nate, Heidi, Bonnie, Jessa, Raina). Thank you to David for being awesome, asking the hard questions, enouraging me to not settle for my lesser self and for the above and beyond amount of love you show me. Thank you to sisters for being great and knowing me on my worst behavior but still liking me and wanting me and understanding where it all comes from. Thank you to anyone who has read all of this, WOW.


Katieelaine said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful, family-and-friend-filled Thanksgiving! Wish I could have joined you in Chicago, happy to hear all of the wonderful news of Bonnie's wedding, can't wait to talk to you soon.

Much much much love,

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry too that we did not get to spend more time (any time, really) together this weekend! But, I always love talking with you on the phone, which is a slight consolation. Your day before wedding day sounds insane. However, I still trust you to set up my European travel itinerary...hint hint. :)

Woohoo, can't wait to see you in Urbana around January 19th! (well, sooner than that too).

Love, KT

Katie Smith said...

Ha! I'm the third Katie to comment on this post! I loved reading about your week, and I'm so glad you got a chance to update your blog. I had some extra time over Thanksgiving Break and probably checked it more times than should be allowed. Anyway, sounds like Bonnie's wedding was spectacular. Please post/e-mail any pictures that you might have. I'd love to see them. All your sister talk made me jealous and homesick. Hopefully we can get together over Christmas break. Miss you and love you lots!

missmartha said...

Hello to my Katies-- You are sweet and I am glad that we are all connected to the blog world. I was glad to see that KM and KS have been posting a lot recently. as for KT, short visits and longer phone conversations will have to tide me over for the moment. Hope to see you all sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

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