Friday, November 05, 2004


I just received a package of pictures from my beloved KT.
Two (2) pictures of my baby (ACA), one with mother in an auntie sandwitch.
david with his chilly dilly pickle at the drive-in (it danced across the screen and he had to try one!)
Martha and David at his first drive-in movie
Martha, Liza and Kate at said drive-in movie (shrek 2)
Kate in her wedding dress... a vision. I also saw pictures from my halloween party online, I will post some for you! You can see my roommates deciding who will win in one of the categories for the costume competition (all you see is hats: a sailor hat(me), queen-bee crown, newsie hat, olive oil signature hat, organicgirl superhero hat). There is also a picture of most cute Bahia as Raggedy-Ann, and my favorite attendee of the party: SugarBear, a carebear pimp who was raised on the wrong side of the rainbow. This weekend is weak compared to last.

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