Sunday, December 05, 2004

Chicago, actually

This weekend it was nice to be in Chicago, not Champaign and without company. Usually, I am jumping out of my seat at work on Fridays waiting for 5 o'clock to come so that I can go see my fam, my c-u friends and/or David. This weekend it was nice to not have to go anywhere, or entertain. Bahia spent the night on friday, but I dont really guest her ("can you bring your own towel from now on?" I asked her. she said that she would bring one and leave it here, good compromise.)
I did a lot of nice things this weekend that made me happy to be where I am. I spent time with cousin Shelby, and B got to see her for the first time in over a year. I attended a potluck at the boy's house - of special note was Shannon's guac, the background music, the beautifully clean appart and good people. B and I went to visit Rachel and Chris, see the new house they just bought and Rachel's Rock. thank you for the warning, Bahia! Stephanie's birthday party was a good time -- dinner at a cuban place where my food was yum, choosing which reindeer each of the girls present would be. I was DAshER. Then Kareoke and much dancing. Angela and I went together and it felt good. i decided that I have been being petty with her and should stop. Sunday I went to the Music Box to see An Affair to Remember with REG Beth. What a beautiful place to have and how lovely that they still use it! There are some French movies coming there that I hope to see.
Mainly, I was thankful to spend time with people who are kind and fun and that I hope to get to know better AND to go and do things that were new and fresh and invited me to expand my circle/ view of the city. The expression "bloom where you are planted" is coming to mind as extremely applicable to what I need to do right now.

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