Thursday, December 09, 2004

snail soap-rope and the rip van sleepy-head

1.30 AM phone call:
D: What are you doing? M: I'm taking a nap. D: Oh, you are really good at that. M: I might be best at that out of all the things in the world.
My college roommates would attest that I am pretty damn good at it too! One thing that I miss about college is the opportunity to nap. Not that i am above a nice nap at 7pm at night, but it is not as nice as a 2.30pm nap. I also miss 1 month of vacation in the winter. Mainly because I didnt get anything for vacation from work during the bidding for time off in 2005, not a single monday or friday, only random days in the middle of the week. It will still hopefully be in negotiation, but I probably won't get much. DO you think it is a human right to rest? To have 5 days in a row off from work once a year in order to rejuvinate and replenish? Should I appeal an international tribunal?
In good news about work, I will be eligible for benefits on Jan1. health, dental, vision and life. Everyone is asking me how I like work. It is what it is: a good begginers job, not something that I want to do forever, or even enjoy all that much. I like speaking French in a proffessional setting and expanding that skill. I like helping people who are nice. i like the general atmosphere in the company, they are relatively relaxed and caring. I have some really nice co-workers who I enjoy seeing regularly. I like to daydream about europe and live through my client's (client's) plans to travel. I like the idea of receiving travel benefits once I have worked there for a certain amount of time. I like the casual dress-code and when they give us free food. i like how everyone is so excited about the holiday party next friday.
I dont like being at the bottom of the food chain. I dont like not knowing everything to do my job the best possible (because I am new), I dont like 30min lunch breaks, I can barely digest. I dont like the commute (although I think I handle it ok), i dont like helping people who are mean or impatient or rude, I dont like my supervisor when she sighs and acts like supervising me is such a chore or tells me not to use stationary in my microsoft outlook emails because it is not allowed. I dont like no vacation.
I am still looking for a good way to explain what I do in 6 seconds. I always seem uncomfortable when i explain it. "What do you do?" "I work for a company called 'snail soap-rope'* which sells european travel products. We are a liason between european rail companies and indivduals/travel agents in North America. I service the French Canadian clients in the French department." Does that make sense?
*the names of some companies have been changed to protect myself DOoce-style.


Anonymous said...

this is your best friend.

what were you doing awake at 3 am?

Anonymous said...

She was waiting for me to get off the computer - sorry Martha!

I love Martha a lot at the moment because she's really made me feel loved and appreciated - thanks friend!

Anonymous said...

Oops. Forgot to sign my anonymous comment.


missmartha said...

Dear BFF:
I was up because I took a nap until 1.30AM, when I had crap that I needed to do before I could leave for work on thursday knowing that I wouldnt be back until sunday night from my awesome weekend in CU. I didnt plan that night very well.

Genevieve said...

Hey Martha!

I stumbled upon you through Sholehs site. I hope that you are well!


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Anonymous said...

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