Friday, March 18, 2005

Here are some other new things: I am completely obsessed with the mighty Illinois Men's Basketball team. They are so fun to watch and it was really exciting, for example, knowing that the Big Ten conference was going on just a few blocks from my house. I think that my roommates are a little confused by my zeal. I havent gotten excited about anything like this recently and I get SO into it. I am especially happy today because I felt like Dee was back in the game yesterday after a mediocre big ten conference performance and also because James Augustine seems to be getting the recognition he deserves for his play.
Yesterday I spent the day with Suzanne and Amia and it was a splendid day. I love it when Suzanne and I have time to relate and share and I wish it was easier for me to see her. Amia is a delightful child and we always have a lot of fun together. I dont think that she recognizes me, but she always seems happy to have a playfriend in her house and is so smart and playful.
Rachel Petit and Chris are pregnant with twins! Annemieke and Dimitri are pregnant with first child! Judy Farrugia and Anna Donnahoe both have baby showers first weekend in April and Baby K and mommie J are healthy too. We are also awaiting the birth of Katy and Ed's second child and my mother promises surrogate grandma-hood in advance. This is such a nice stage in my life, with friends all around doing 'the next thing' in life creating and extending families. I feel the joy.
The weather in chicago has been sunnier and sometimes warm and it refreshes me. Naw Ruz, my favorite day of the year, is just a few days away and I look forward to the hope and the regenerance that it spurs.

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