Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Highlights

I'm done hybernating for the moment. My goal in having this blog is to keep in better touch with those who I do not call regularly, and to any of those people who check this, I do appologize for not sticking with my better communication objective.
I have been going to the gym regularly, and this is a good way for me to do something nice for myself, as well as something that I can do for pleasure that doesnt take a companion, so it has been a great addition to my life. I am only going twice a week, but I already feel more fit and (a bit) more energized.
I've had a few doctors appointments in the last months trying to find out what is wrong with my blatter...nothing conclusive yet, but the doctor did suggest some changes that I can make. It seems so far that all of the tests she has done have come back without any answers. She thought that I might have a disease called IC, but I am not convinced based on what I have read on it compared to my symptoms. How I feel goes up and down, right now I feel pretty ok and earlier this week I felt normal.
I spent the first two weekends of february down in CU, had some much needed chat time with Munirih and a great iceskate with Dory. David and I celebrated a pre-Valentines day quietly with breakfast at OPH...unfortunately i gifted him a dvd that he really wanted but had already been given for christmas by his roommate. Not the best gifting moment at all, I wish that I didnt get so nervious about everything that surrounds gifting and that I could just enjoy being generous with others without freaking out. That weekend I was also invited to accompany KT to Michelles Bridal to look at dresses... a true pleasure!
I have been doing more things with my co-workers, but still do not have any friends from there. By that I mean people who you have a real connection with beyond just taking because you are in the same place all the time. I thought that I was making some progress there, but maybe I expect too much from a collegue-type relationship. I have had a bad situation at work with one of the new hirees that I was supposed to train one-on-one : our personalities clashed, it blew up in my face and we had a scene. I asked her to be moved from my direct supervision and felt terrible about my capacity to get along with others, keep my cool and just deal during conflict situations. I asked for forgiveness, was half-way granted it and then a few weeks later I felt completely disrespected by her again. I havent felt this shitty about my likeability factor since the *Chung* incident in Paris. Right now the way things stand is that we agree to keep away from each other. I wanted to mend bridges and be friends after the first incident, but now I think it is better that our personalities just dont mix. hmph.
End of February I had the first paid vacation of my life! It was great because my parents had time off work as well and the three of us went to Florida (my first time). It was really a wonderful week, we all were in a nice vacationy mode and it is much easier to please three people than six! I did have high expectations for my ability to get along with them and not be annoyed now that I am an *adult child* not living with them or dependant on them. I feel like we did pretty well, but in the middle there I was having a bit of a hard time not slipping back into childish manners. My parents were so generous with me and we did a lot of great things: Beach days at Datona, rollercosters and shows at Universal, a day at Epcot, swimming and hottubbing, shopping and ESPN Club and a lot of TV. We then drove down to Mahomet for a one-day whirlwind Ayyam-I-Ha family celebration. I returned to Chicago pretty drained but happy.
Upon my return, I found a new laptop sitting on my bed. I am typing on it right now. It was an annonymous gift from someone, all I needed to do was give my old computer to Sholeh for exchange. At first I was very puzzled by who could POSSIBLY do such a nice thing for me, but I did figure out the identity of generous gifters. And I thank you for your generosity and humility. This computer is very nice and I will be able to use it for more of the opperations that I would want to do. So hopefully I will be able to keep up in blogger world now! Thank you again, if you ever read my blog, I am very touched.
I do have more news, but I am going to save it as this post has really rambled on....


bahia said...

YES! shes back...

Anonymous said...

YAY! I'm so glad you posted again. It's weird when you live with someone and find out things you didn't know by reading their blog. But so goes busy and differing schedule life. But, hopfully, we'll be able to chatch up/go deeper in these next few months. Oh, and Miss Martha is one heck of a roomate, ya'll.


missmartha said...

it is funny, jessica, because just before visiting my blog today I checked out evolution and i thought about how there were things mentioned in your post that i didnt know anything about..... this is a good way to relate to each other but I too long to talk one on one with you more.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you are back to the bloggy blog world!

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