Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Well, one nice thing is that my background check is underway. It is strange to be hopeful and completely overwhelmed by the fear that nothing will come of it at the same time. In any case I had given up and now there is a new window opened. I am moving it is for sure and I am determined. I will post more when I know exactly when and where. I have been working 8-5 instead of the regular 9-5 because we are in peak season, and it makes for a very long day. I am looking forward to my paycheck on Friday and to moving closer to work to be less of a zombie. I am trying out contacts, my eye doctor says that I am a 'perfect canidate'. I am less than conviced, but I am giving them a sincere try for the suggested 1.5 week trial period before deciding. It has been nice to see clearly, but I am not one for touching my eye and my eyes have been pretty dry.
I had a great past weekend with my parents, Bahia and other extended family. I hope that mom felt loved on Mothers day because i love her so much. THe y-me race was a splendid thing to do all together and I hope we do it next year. Thank you to all who participated. Bahia is finishing at Oakton on thursday, I am so proud of her! We are going to celebrate. David finishes on Wednesday and also has his last day of work at Pizza Establishment. He will be moving home for the summer and I hope we will get to see each other more often. His neice Madeleine was born yesterday, I cant wait to meet her. Dory is going to Bosch for the summer, i hope it is the best summer every for her, really.
les nouvelles. bubble bubble. It is so amasing the empowering effect of action towards change, and the way hope makes one feel so good regardless.


Suzanne said...

Martha, it's been so long since we've caught up with each other. We must get together soon!

hnl said...


We missed you at Hearland!!!


Anonymous said...

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