Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have recently been reminded that you never know what is right around the corner and that is why you should aways know that the potential is there to have a life that is even more splendid that we expect and plan it to be. This little reminder came to me in the form of a new job. Google my name and you will know more about it, but the more important thing to me is that I feel like I have been given the opportunity to grow and learn and utilize my skills to a greater extent through my new job. I say that I have been given the opportunity because I most definitely did not seek it out -- the job tip was handed to me by Megan and I snatched it up. I have been in my role for a month and am so glad that I was shaken out of my comfort zone and into new things. It has been a good month.
Another great thing that has happened is that I moved into an appartment in Logan Square with Ivy. Our home is nice and I feel AT HOME here. It is amazing how much a difference enviornment makes. I love my neighborhood, our furniture, my new bed, living on the boulevard. Ivy is a joy to live with -- she always took care of me when we were together in CU and ever so much more now! It's nice.
I want to list off some of the major things that have happened since my last post, in case people who I don't talk to much read to know. In chronological order: 1st cubs game, dancing in the park, Norah Riley is born!!!, Alison Kraus at Ravinia, camping on lake superior, visited KT in AZ, david and I broke up, Bahia moved to CU, I moved to Logan Square, david left for Russia, Falconers move to Evanston, Katie and Ben wed, Maria announced pregnancy!!!, started mentoring at Boys and Girls Club, New Job, Ivys 30th, Sox win, Angela and Andrew wed.

Lots of good news and also reminders from my loved ones that with all of this joy comes the struggle and the pain. I have been honored by the love that my friends extend to me and it sustains me. Thank you to all who let me in and let me feel loved and needed. A tres bientot, je vous assure, mes lecteurs fidels.


Anonymouph said...

Martha, Martha!! Congrats on your new job! Assistant Director? The title sounds very prestigious, but more importantly, you're happy. I'm so glad you posted to let all of us know what's going on. I was aware of a few of the things in your list, up to the point of Katie and Ben's wedding, but it's certainly nice to know what's been going on since then. Keep the updates coming! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Martha! So happy to hear that you are so content at your new home and job. I was just wrote about feeling very content at my home, too. Yey for wonderful roommies, apartments, jobs and friends!

Anonymous said...

uh, that was Liza..

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