Saturday, November 19, 2005

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Wondering how I got to the place where I prefer telephone or person to person contact so much more than writing emails. I used to love to write -- I enjoyed fiction writing in grade school and even went to writing camp when I was young. I wrote depressing poems in Jr High along with the best of them and really drew comfort from the act. I never really journalled faithfully - the pressure to commit to regular entries was always to daunting and I couldn't deal -- however, some of the most life changing moments in my life have been recorded in a notebook somewhere for me to remember. Spewing out papers in college was never a problem, and although I struggled to complete my senior thesis, each page was written with some sort of enjoyment. And the letters! I cooresponded with many different people, my first and most faithful penfriend being Katie S. but extending past that to Jessa and Jeremy S. when in need and far-away friends who I couldn't see regularly but who had sparked a special bond. Now it seems difficult to express myself this way and I struggle to post on my blog or reply to emails. It has probably been years since I have sent a friendly email that didn't include Re: as the begginning of the subject! Yes, computers do have something to do with it -- I don't enjoy sitting in front of the monitor and trying to communicate to others or express myself. However, this is not the only explaination, because I could still sit down and pen a letter or write in a journal or start a short story. I love talking on the phone and I love visiting friends. In a lot of ways my cell phone has replaced letters for me. This doesn't fulfill all of my needs though. First of all, for friends who prefer written communication (Katie S, is this why we where such great pen-friends and you are so faithful in the blog world?) I am missing a chance to keep in better touch. Also, for my far away friends telecomunication is not best option. So I try forcefully to blog more and email back. There is the other part of written communication which is missing as well-- the part where I used the WORD as introspection. Can't do this over the phone! My blog could be a venue, but it seems like I use it so infrequently that it becomes a strange cyber bulletinboard of life announcements. I am trying to reinfuse my life with its former loves: writing, reading, service, life-altering friendships, loving children in my life. Hope my blog can be a venue to work on all.
In the bulletinboard segment of my post: Thanksgiving was great! My aunt cindy's meal was one of the best in years and little baby Alex was cute as a button. My sisters came to my appartment for three nights. Being with them is the most comfortable, best place in the world. I can't imagine anything that I do which I enjoy more. At Q family celebration Christy and Pricilla announced they are pregnant, a wonderful addition to our family. I am feeling sick now and just wish that I had one more day to truly relax before heading back into work. Glad I have time to blog, though. best to all ~~

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Anonymouph said...

Yeah for the written word!!! Thank you for updating us and making the effort to communicate outside of your comfort zone. (As you guessed, I'm much the opposite, preferring blogs and e-mails to the phone. The only time I enjoy long phone conversations is when I'm on long road trips.)

Anyway, I love that you're trying to stay in touch with friends, no matter what medium you choose. I need to do a better job at keeping up with you and many others. Miss you and love you lots!

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