Saturday, December 31, 2005

An A to Z AZ Christmas

A is for an A to Z AZ Christmas
B is for bubble lights trim the tree as I arrive to the Hammer's house on Friday
C is for christmas tree fit for a bride and handmade stockings
D is for drive past Wild Wild West town to Tonto National Forest
E is for eager to scale Superstition Mountain
F is for follow the arrows, x's, and the trail boss for a superb hike
G is for grinch-like cactus, canyons and a steep hike well worth it for the view
H is for how did we get inside Katie's brain with zero questions left to guess it on the 20th?
I is for I loved the southwestern cuisine at Richardsons: great salsa, pork chops with mango chutney and yummy prickly pear drink
J is for just a tiny nap after hike and full belly
K is for Katie finishes creative project as Ben cooks us homemade doughnuts mmmmmmmmmm
L is for Lights out on Christmas Eve after a game of Tri-versity
M is for morning stockings and gifts...... Thank you Santa, Katie and Ben
N is for NICE houses we cruised by and a peek at Katie and Ben's workplaces
O is for on to Taliesin West for a quick visit of the gift shop (I can't get enough of this place!)
P is for powww hot Jambelaya by Ben: hot and tasty with cornbread by Katie
Q is for quick nap during Bears game
R is for reclining seats and cushioned armrests for our viewing of The Producers
S is for straight beats two-pair (sorry, Ben). He almost lost his wedding band but ended up winning 2 of 3 at Texas Hold 'em
T is for the next morning (Christmas Day observed) was dedicated to couch shopping. I saw my first Fashion Square!
U is for u-all need to know that the highs were in the upper 70s my whole trip, making our post-holiday romp very pleasant
V is for very batty setting at Carlsbad Tavern: my 2nd southwest meal was yummy. Outdoor seating on Dec. 26th plus prickly pear flan made for a big smile
W is for we (ok, Katie, but I had to use the W) found the perfect couch! How exciting to bring it home and lounge on it for my last night
X is for xhillerating hike up Camelback mountain my last morning. I wish mnts were part of my backyard playground
Y is for you cannot imagine how blessed I feel to have friends like Mr. and Mrs. Hammer who shared the Xmas spirit so graciously
Z is for Zzzzzzs and Dave Eggers on my plane ride home. A wonderful Christmas

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