Saturday, December 17, 2005


Last weekend I bought 3 new framed posters for my appartment. Two are by paul klee, who I had never really given a second thought to before seeing three different pictures at the store where I was shopping and being drawn to all three of them. One is for the living room, to go in the gaping spot on the east wall where something desperately needed to go (in the corner where I want to put my bookshelf that I don't have yet) and one will go in my room on the blankwall. The third picture is a lil one by nobody special of a long-legged roundy woman sitting in her appartment. She is looking forward at nothing really, but behind her you see her view out the window: parisian rooftoops and the eiffel tower. Because when you have an appartment like that in paris, yo don't need to spend your time looking out the window, you just know that it is there. I am closer to getting my appartment to where I want it and it feels very nice.

My mentee Darleen has moved to PR. It is sad for me but I am happy that her family will be together again. She doesn't want to move much, just like any teenager. I am curious to see who my next mentee will be. I am affirmed by the idea that I will always have children (youth) in my life that I can connect with and show love. It is important to me.

This time next week I will be in AZ with the Hammers! I can't wait to escape Chicago for a bit and completely change my outlook. It is so nice of Katie and Ben to welcome me. This time two weeks from now Bahia will be in Ireland and I will be with the rest of the family. JOY JOY JOY during the holidays, but I just have to get through the next week first!

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