Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I never cease to be amazed by the power of the mind. Here are a few examples: I set two New Year's resolutions for myself. One was to take a year to excel at my job -- to do whatever it takes to really be a well-trained asset and to learn all that I can about initiative, discipline, administration, networking, public relations, media, people and me. The reason that this reminds me of the power of our minds is that as soon as I set this goal, things started going better at work. I even had a noticably more positive response from my boss. I feel like I am already on my way to that goal.
Another example is about opera. At a party on Saturday, someone was absolutely dying over the fact that I had never been to an opera and I said that I really wanted to go in the next year. Two days later someone completely unrelated to the first person invited me to attend Rigoletto at the Lyric Opera on Jan 31. I feel like all I had to do was send out the request!
The last thing is about my skin. I have been going through the worst skin episode that I can ever remember for the past few months. There have been a lot of different factors and therefor, I have been attacking the problem from different angles. I was discussing stragey with Anna, my trusted Aveda salon facialist, and she mentioned the fact that chin breakouts are very hormonal. Of course, I know that acne is related directly to hormones, but somehow I started implementing stress and emotional management into my skin regimen with some sucess. Regimen, a word that I did not even know existed a year ago, has been a large part of my new mind-over-matter tactic for life. Proactive and methodical ways to shape my world and fight against lethargy, apathy and anxiety. And I think it has worked to get me out of one of my recent anxiety atttttax. I will keep you posted.


darrelharolds5610 said...
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Anonymous said...

Way to go, Martha! Sounds like you're tappin into the power of the Universe. That's AWEsome! I'm happy for you and your proactiveness - ROCK!

Anonymous said...

oops, that was from Jessica G.


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