Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I always want to start my posts off commenting on the weather, and that makes me feel a lot like my Grandma Quinlan. The curtains drawn, cigarette in hand - coffee mug in hand, the shuffle walk, the willowy hands, the sallow eyes, the news on and comments about the weather. She loved to talk about it, obsess about it, use it as a way of expressing her fear of the outside world and uncontrollable factors. When I sit down to blog and my thoughts immediately turn to the weather, it makes me think about my own ability to process reality in a healthy way.

I can only give so much without return. An emotive person trained in the female standard of processing information, I will dwell.

NEWSFLASH: I recently went to three weddings: A girl I babysat, a recent mother of twins and a from-college friend of my mothers. Life is so rich and diverse. I also went to two bachelorette parties. I made $14 dollars at one, but Jeanette made $30, so she wins :) Maria gave birth to Reagan Elizabeth and I can't wait to meet her this weekend.

I am no longer paired with my mentee, Anahis. It is one of the sadder, demotivating things in my life recently. I feel demoralized. As the coordinator always says, "it is not about you, it is about the kids" which is great so I hope that she is ok with everything that happened in the program. Best of luck in your future, Anahis.....

Isn't spring finally beautiful

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