Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok, so you all have heard me gush about my neighborhood. I love Logan Square and feel great there! I just need to take time and talk about some of the best things. They are mostly about food:
+TropiCuba: this is my new favorite. You think that it is your standard corner grocery, but there is a sandwich shop in the back. The fried plantains are mmmmmmm
+Miko's: located just down the street from TropiCuba, it is a little window that opens to the street. You walk up to the window and order Italian Ice. mmmmmm and nice for washing down cuban sandwiches and plantains.
+Lula's: best described as gooood organic ingredients. An eclectic menu that I think is priced justly. Also home of the "fiddlehead fern" incident and where I laughed so hard I spit up water. Only problem is the wait.
+The Boulevard: Lived there last year and one street north of it now. I just love walking around and looking at all of the mansions. There will be a house walk on September 9th, but I will be out of town :( I have always dreamed of living in a house with a tower and we have tons, plus other whimsical things.
+The shops: If you need 60 cent plates, cute wooden jewelery, your picture on a dog-tag, apple bottom jeans, FUBU, etc., you can walk up Milwaukee and hit up Gap Outlet, Rainbow, PayHalf, Da Hot House and an array of other nickle and dime stores and find anything you would need. Its fun.
+Logan Theatre: The first time I went here, I was still living in Near West Side. I nearly died when they said the ticket was only $3! Yeah, it smells terrible, the seats are shoddy and parents bring their babies to cry through 3 hours of King Kong or to run through the isles during Bride and Prejudice, but it is great! The only bad thing is that I never know what movies are going to make a run there, and if I have already seen the film at the theatre, I get MAD. We also have an AMC in the 'hood, but they don't play very good films.
+The garage sales: I recently bought a microwave, a bookshelf, a rug, two end tables, a blender, an ironing board, wineglasses, a planter stand and a book on public relations.
+The people: Everyone is outdoors walking around, either with baby or puppy or hand in hand. There are lots of people on bikes and everyone is so happy because they live in Logan Square. They are playing badmitten, bags, soccer, frisby, criquet on the boulevard and they love it.
+LOGAN SQUARE BOOK EXCHANGE: I just ran into it and loved it, but wondered where it came from. Then there was an article in the Reader that explained it. And made me love my 'hood and the creative people that live there and made me want to blog about LOGAN.


hnl said...

First off, I love the eclectic mix of things that you've bought so far at garage sales. Bargain shopping is great!

Secondly, the book exchange idea seriously rocks! I am officially jealous of where you live after reading this post. :-)


missmartha said...

Come and visit!

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