Monday, September 11, 2006

bien dans ma peau

I am writing about what I have been doing to make my skin better, in case it can help others. I have always had acne prone skin, and at the age of 24 it flared up worse than ever. Here are the things that helped:
+Remembering that skin can show signs of many allergic stressors. I tried to keep my allergies in check. I also switched to Alergen-free detergent for my sheets and towels and washed them very frequently in HOT water.
+Remembering that acne breakouts can be very hormonal. I tried to keep my life in check by cleaning out my mind, relaxing, loving myself, dealing with emotions as they came up. I tried to deal with the stress of a new job and other factors in other ways than out my pores.
+Aveda skin care products! They use plant science for the body. My skin care coach Anna at Asha Salon and Spa in Bucktown is wonderful. She really takes care of my skin, helps me choose products and cleans me out with amazing facials. I highly recommend her services to any skin type.
+Arbonne products. They are vegan and do not include carcinogens. Did you know that most beauty products we use include animal byproducts? I use the tea tree oil shampoo, the concealor with tea tree oil, a very light mineral based power foundation. I also take an oral supplement which promotes healthy skin from the inside-out. If you would like to know more about Arbonne, I can put you in touch with my friend Nel.
+CoQ10. My mom would be happy to know that it made the list. This supplement promotes healing in the body and I think that it has helped.
+Yogi Tea. Nabihe and I found them at the organic store in BXL. I haven't used them in awhile, but the detox tea is now a part of my regimen.

So yeah! Although my skin still breaks out, I have conquered the worst episode without reverting back to chemicals! I just wanted to celebrate that and share it with others who might be on medication for their skin.

PS "bien dans ma peau" literally means "good in my skin" in French. The figurative meaning is closer to "comfortable with myself".

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