Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My executive director came in on Monday and told me that she resigned. Tears. Shock. I have been dealing with the anxiety of work w/o her for the past three days. I know that I posted recently that I was ready for change, and I guess I am getting tested on that one. I am happy for my exdir. because she deserves the wonderful opportunity she is leaving to take. I am happy for myself when I think about being liberated to find and even better job.
My director and I have been working as a team for the past year. Same office. same projects, and really a unified front against the world. She wants to help me relocate and I am glad for her encouragement and support. But what if I have to stay for awhile, I don't find the right thing? And I am left alone with fools I do not respect? I am scared by that.
I want to thank my boss for being a mentor this last year and teaching me so much! I would really like to be powerful inside myself like she is one day.
I want to thank the Universe for making me stop living in the comfort zone and pushing me out to an even more fabulous place.
I want to thank my family for being my comfort and solace. Oh what would I do?

Please send positive thoughts to help me sleep tonight. I have a big and emotional day tomorrow. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Martha, who else can overcome challenges, stand strong against the turbulent winds of the world, and remain focused like you can? I challenge you to name 1 person. Or, let's say 1000, to make it fun.


missmartha said...

Thanks Mark! Did Allen tell you the good news? See you soon, maybe...

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