Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm moving

I am sorry if you are learning about this via blog: I have resigned from my job in Chicago and will be moving to Baltimore to start a new position on November 1st. I have found someone to replace me at work, and new housing in Baltimore (a short-term lease roommate situation to make things easier as I start off). I am still figuring out the car situation and what I will do with my apartment in Chicago. My dad has volunteered to move me out, and I am so thankful to him for that!

My new job is very exciting and in keeping with my career goals and ambitions. I can't wait to start work! Thank you to KTHammer for encouraging me to apply. I am also excited about getting to know a new area and living on the east coast (I feel very east coast...).

I will miss Chicago very much - see my posts below full of Chicago love. I will especially miss my loved ones, and I have so many in the area! I truly feel blessed to be so loved and although it is scary to move away, I know that I have enough loved ones in my life to sustain me from long distance and that is great.

I can't really say more now, but I hope to see everyone before I leave and I also hope to use this blog even more to communicate with you from the east coast.


Katieelaine said...

Martha! How's your new place? I hope you had a wonderful, smooth first day at work!

Katieelaine said...

Martha! How's your new place? I hope you had a wonderful and smooth first day at work!

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