Tuesday, November 07, 2006

One week near hobbit's glen

I have been in MD for one week. Everything is very positive so far. I am working in a great office with kind and positive people and I really get excited about the work that we get to do. My team-member started the same day as me and we get along very well. In January, I will be going on my first international trip for work, to Lisbon!
The move went better than I could have ever expected. My dad and I agreed that we will remember the trip out to MD forever. He was very supportive and patient and hard-working during the whole experience. I hope he enjoyed the QT and I know he enjoyed the beautiful fall colors and Cheesecake Factory Halloween :).
My lodgings are also very nice. I am renting one room in a townhouse and I have two roommates. They are both young professionals and work a lot. Two friendly, considerate girls. My room is the 4th floor attic type area of the house. Behind the townhouse there are woods and a path that leads to a large lake. I don't feel like I am in suburban hell when I am at home! The town that I live in is a planned community, which I expected to creep me out on a deep level. The strange thing is that I am actually liking all the little nice things that are going on in this area that would otherwise be just another US blah town. I cant wait to join the town association and have access to the 3 gyms (one 24/7, one just for women) the included classes (from boot camp to yoga to spinning) the multiple outdoor pools, the water park, the therapeutic pools, the roller and ice skating rink, etc. The town in broken down into weird little "villages" with funny names like Dorsey's Search, Kings Contrivance, Harper's Choice and Hobbit's Glen. It cracks me up!
I bought a car - a 2004 Honda Civic. hmmmmm. A nice thing is that the place that I rent is really really close to work -- a 5 minute drive or a nice walk (I found a way to go so that I am not walking along the parkway - and even a footpath to cross it).
So yeah, for the moment I am really content and trying to get my business done so that I can relax more. I had a quiet and productive weekend and even went into DC to visit Emily.
Thanks to everyone who has called me and been SOO supportive and loving. gosh.


Andre said...

I wish I would still be in MD so that I could hang out with you, my dear friend! Hope all is well and that you are happy. Lots of love from here.

missmartha said...

Andre, c fou, non? Cette ete, je pensais que baltimore est a cote de boston et maintenant j'y habite. Donne-moi ton addresse email, je veux de tes nouvelles. biz martha

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