Monday, February 12, 2007

Visitors, trip to Portugal, NC

Happy new year and happy valentine's day, friends! My NYE visit with my mom was very nice. We spent time in Baltimore and DC and she also saw my new place and where I work. We agreed that vacationing in small groups is so much more fun because you don't need to please a lot of people.

Next Tara came to visit. There was much celebrating because she interviewed the morning of her flight to BWI and was offered a job on the spot. We gave been praying for this for a long time so you can imagine!

I took my first international trip for my new job to our International Conference where I met with my colleagues from over 75 countries. Although we worked very hard, I also had the time to see some of the beauty of Portugal and also meet good good people that I will now work with for the upcoming year. The group is a beautiful microcosm and I had many many laughs. Pictures above.

This last week was our National Conference, meaning that student members came in from all over the US for professional sessions, workshops, awards, networking, business meetings and lots of partying. A stressful, intense weekend was made pleasant by the fact that KTH was there with me. It was also enriching to see the US students that we are working for: intelligent, gifted global citizens, future leader powerhouses and revolutionary scientists and techies.

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eric said...

Paris te manque et j'éspère t'y revoir rapidement ... plein de gros bisous, maya

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