Wednesday, March 07, 2007

More from The Orchid Thief (a series)

"Collecting can be a sort of love sickness. If you collect living things, you are pursuing something imperfectible, because even if you manage to find and possess the living things you want, there is no guarantee they won't die or change."
~Susan Orleans

When I saw Adaptation (movie based on the hypothetical adaptation of The Orchid Theif to film) in the cinema in 2003, it spoke to me on a deep level. As I read the book, notions of the sentiment that influenced me so much at the time pop out. The above is so true. The book is talking about collecting rare flowers with the underlying idea that identifying and keeping a partner or friend is just as illusive because we ultimately do not control the living or life. At work we have been investigating our personalities and how they play out within the workplace. One thing that had been revealed (although it was no news to me) is that I have a need for control. I am working on it!

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