Sunday, April 08, 2007


A lot of nice things have been happening lately. Bahia came to visit during her spring break-Munirih's flight was cancelled due to weather. We had a great one-on-one weekend - Bahia was so easygoing and enthusiastic about everything, it was a pleasure (at the aquarium it was all 'oooooohhhhh, aaahhhhh'). We had some good time to talk about what is up next for her and I can't wait to see what becomes.

I had my first houseparty and it was neat to see that I have met about 20 people since I moved in november who would come to my place on a friday :) The evening did end it a bit of a debacle, but no permanent damage done!!!

I ended 4th place in my office NCAA men's basketball brackets. I was very proud since this is the first time I have tried anything like that.

This last week Ivy and Mel came to visit. My two girlfriends who always joined in when I wanted to spoil myself in Chicago helped me be delightfully indulgent this weekend. I enjoyed showing them my home and hosting to two people who have always been so giving to me. And dining out, of course! My previous "next best thing" was Cherry blossoms peak in DC - I had been very excited that their visit coincided with the cherry blossom fest. I am disappointed to say that a cold snap killed off all of the cotton ball blooms before we could get there; I will have to wait until next year. All was good when Ivy and I got some time to catch up and share silly stories - I was reminded of how nice it had been to live with a true companion.

So how are things going during the day by day? Well, as you-all might know, I LOVE spring and HATE unseasonable weather, so the snow this week is not making me happy. Work has been very busy and I am training a new specialist which adds to the day-time pressure. I just feel a little keyed up in general, a little irritable, a little on-edge. I have been finding solace in my gym (though yoga was xld today for easter,,,,), good laughs with the awesome people that I work with, my reading, my naps, new music (Jamie Cullum-Carla Bruni-lots and lots of country radio).

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Hea the R said...

Martha, so glad to hear that overall things are going well for you! And, I totally hear you on the snow! What?! the?! heck?! I want Spring back! :o)

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