Monday, May 28, 2007


What a slow sleepy weekend. I guess I am just refueling before my work trip to NYC. I have many fears about the upcoming trip, the most rediculous one being that I will discover that I am one of those people that just has to live in NYC and was created in a different location but has spent her whole life gravitating towards total manifestation through locale. It is silly.

My trip home to CU was really nice, much better than the tease of a visit that I had in February. I got to do almost everything that I miss from home, but not all. It was good to visit cglass as well, she seems really happy in her new job. I hope Bahia enjoyed her graduation weekend and that it did not feel anticlimatic to her. It was good to have the whole family together, but you know it is always intense as well.

Munirih and bf visited for her birthday and it was a great visit. We ate a lot of good food and relaxed around my house, plus saw lots of baltimore. Munirih seemed to enjoy charmcity, it was fun to see it through her eyes.

Ive been running. I live in between two lakes with paths all around and so Ive been getting out there. Ive also been using peer pressure to run on wednesdays with friends after rotaract. Today I was supposed to run a 5K race, but I mixed up the location and missed the kickoff. It was a good impetus to get me started for the summer activity season, still, but I wonder what was going on that let me mess up like that.

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