Monday, June 11, 2007

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My beloved lizabean tagged me, which means that I should write seven random facts about myself in this post and then pass it along.

1. I don't like to drink out of anything yellow.
2. I took a test at work which analyzed my personality. In the results I was compared to Hitler and Castro.
3. My top 5 list of places I want to see (random order): Brazil, Canada, Austria, Morocco, Turkey
4. I don't find Angelina Jolie attractive. Weird, right?
5. I had a terrible go at trying to learn time as a child. I still struggle at reading my watch!
6. I love fireflies. They remind me of my birthday, eternal summertime, the fleeting nature of life and also childhood.
7. Male characters that I have obsessed over: a drug-dealing self-mutilator, a bumbling-stoic, a womanizing homosexual, an anthropological egomaniac, a yogic chemist, an insomniac poet (with no words), a hero-not-to-be-relied-upon...what a cru!

Unfortunately, the buck stops here, because I don't think that there are 7 bloggers that read this (especially if we subtract the ones tagged by lbeth and Hthr). I do want to be a good sport though, so if you read this, please continue on your blog or your myspace or in a comment below :
Dan M. - Olinga - Dory - Allen - Kate - Jessica - Maya


Anonymous said...

Out of anything yellow!? You're awesome, Martha! Loved the list, love you :)


Olinga said...

Wow! An obsessive scheduler who can't tell time!

Olinga said...

OK, Martha tagged me but since I don't blog for now here's my 7:

1) A favorite quote of mine is

A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

I'm both a Baha'i and a nihilist, two seemingly diametrically opposed positions where I cannot deny the validity of either.

2) Lysistrata is a female character who can make my jeans feel too tight.

3) Sarah and I are going on Baha'i pilgrimage to Haifa, Israel in October. This will break her pilgrimage virginity (I lost mine in 92) so I hope she really enjoys it. Here's to hoping she has a spiritual orgasm during the visit!

4) It's hilarious to watch the reversal in sexual marketability between the genders as I near 40, although I've already claimed my steak.

5) I would be an atheist had the Baha'i Faith not entered my life.

6) I'm an
personality type. When I read that article it felt like a Man In Black had been tracking me to write my biography.

7) I learn through studying other's failures rather than successes. That's yet another reason I hated school so much. I didn't understand chemistry between actors until watching the Hayden Christensen-Natalie Portman Star Wars wedding fiasco.

missmartha said...
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missmartha said...

Hi Olinga,

Miss you! I'm glad that you are keeping in touch with me via blog world. Not blogging for the moment you say? Wish we were drinkin juice at Brian's right now. m

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