Thursday, June 07, 2007


Mmmhmm. Just as I suspected, I loved new york. There were three best parts:

1. seeing the color purple on broadway staring Fantasia. It was emotional, beautiful, funny, vibrant. It was a life dream for me no matter how cheesy that sounds to see a show on broadway. My hotel (for work) was right on Times Square, so I could just walk to 50% tix and then walk to the show.

2. Walking. I spent one free afternoon walking around south of 14th (chinatown, little italy, SoHo, NoLita, the villages...) and just really taking it all in. Great window shoping, great people watching, yummy sandwich, reading in Washington Square park. One day was spent in central park. I got so lost spinning around the basin in the wrong direction, but it didn't matter. Central park is a real gem and I love that the Met and the Guggenheim are right there. I even ate a hotdog while watching some baseball (I know).

3. Visiting with J&J. They had just eloped in Puerto Rico. They are in love and beautiful. They talked good talk about New York, Paris, cultural differences, marriage, kids, politics, good memories, neighborhood transition. They took me to their perfect home in Brooklyn and we went to Prospect Park. I wish them a very happy marriage.

new york isn't far and I will go back. more importantly, I was reminded of how much I love urban living and I think that will play into my living arrangements for next year.

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Heather said...

So glad that you had such a wonderful trip and such excellent adventures on it, Martha! :-)

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