Saturday, July 07, 2007


Thanks to everyone who made my birthday nice. Bahia's visit was especially appreciated, and I hope we can always spend my birthday together! After a celebratory bfast at work and dinner/dancing in DC with the world's shortest miniskirt On, b and I spent the night at ETs and then got up early to go to Assategue beach and then Ocean City. The beach had wild horses, they were a bit creepy though. OceanCity lived up to its trashy reputation and I enjoyed the people watching. Im glad that Bha extended her stay, we had some good talks and lots of chill time.

I recently went to my first Orioles game - I really like Camden Yards and hope that I can see the Sox play there next year. Last week I also met up with 3 friends from MSHS (two that live in DC and one from out of town). It was such a rare treat, and I haven't laughed that much in awhile.

Elsa Bishop was born this past week too (July 2nd). I've talked to Kate and she seems very good. I am SICK that I cannot hold baby b in my arms right now.

Driving to NC next week to visit tinynose, YAY!

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Katie said...

...and Tinynose can't WAIT to see you!!!

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