Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My pet Slurpee was floating on his side at the top of his bowl and I was certain that he was dead or in the process of dying. But I went and got him some medicine and he completely revived himself. YAY good.
My company picnic was very fun: perfect weather, time with the kids of the organization, GREAT FOOD (we were asked if we wanted to spend money on thematic things or food and FOOD won, so the theme was FOOD)...I feel really blessed to work with nice people that I enjoy spending time with. I've often been lucky that way.
My trip to NC was perfect. The area that tinynose lives in is green, quirky, organic, fun. We laughed a lot and felt comfortable together. It is good to be with people that just accept you and know the full package and just have been there since before everything got complicated. And yes, we did put on matching outfits for dinner and a walk around UNC. No apologies.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Your picture with KJS is soooo cute.

Was this another incident with slurp, or was this what you told me about before?

missmartha said...

Slurpee was only sick the one time, and he is 100% recovered now. I would have been sad to lose him...

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