Monday, July 23, 2007


Today my boss took me out for a celebratory drink as a thank you for the work I've been doing to roll out the new J-regs. It felt so good to have her say thanks for the extra hours that I've been putting in. Crazy how a small recognition can go a long way for job satisfaction.

I also cooked today for the first time with my electric skillet that my mom gave me for my bday; it is awesome! She got it for me because the range in my apartment is very screwed up and I have to work to balance a skillet on it as best I can. Thanks, Mom, I love it!

Today I went on my bloger's romp and lizabean, kate, superhero, dooce , smugiemugie and tinynose had not posted. My lil daily read! I decided to post at that time and know I will hear more from my author community soon.

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