Wednesday, August 01, 2007

trips and travels goodbye hello

Back from the NYC trip this week and feeling very very tired. I can't wait to just chill out this weekend! The NYC trip was not what I expected: I volunteered to go with 2 coworkers to NYC for the weekend with 11 students from Macao. I expected to see the city through the star-glazed eyes of foreign visitors, but they did not really like much of what they saw. I still love the town and look forward to my next chance to go by myself.
This week we said goodbye to our Slovakian intern, JB. I am excited for him to return home and start his post-student life, but sad to have him so far away. Hopefully we will stay in touch via this blog. His replacement is from Macedonia and arrived on monday. Gsizzle and I are his reception committee and he has decided to live in Columbia. I hope he doesn't regret it!
Today we decided our work travel for the fall. I will be attending a conference in Nebraska, spending a week in Texas, going to Virginia Tech for a few days and *going to Arizona*!!!!! I can't wait to see Katie and Ben's house and just spend a nice weekend with them! I am excited about Texas, too, especially after all of the things that Allen said ooohhhing and aaahhhing about TX.
I've been working with a co-worker who is running the Bmore Marathon as Team In Training. This means that you get a free marathon coach in return for raising a minimum of $1500 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I've been collaborating with my friend to help with her fundraising efforts and am proud to say that she is up to $1250 and super motivated/optimistic about reaching 2K. Tomorrow I am hosting a movie night at my house... we will ask guests to pay $10 to attend as if they went to the movies and then show a sporty film. We've also planned a costume competition, some poker nights, a possible white elephant auction... it is fun! I haven't done anything like this in 07 (no YME race), so it is filling a major gap.

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