Sunday, August 19, 2007

a week

I've just finished an exhausted week. Not exhausting as much as exhausted. I feel the summer rushing by with busy weeks chained to busy weekends and I am thankful for the time that I have to myself. I did a lot of things that were good for me during the past week, though:
  • I went to my spinning class with CoCo. Unfortunately, there was a sub.
  • I went to my french convo group in DC. It is only the second time that I have forced myself to go, and I am glad that I did. This is a part of my life that I really miss and worry that I will lose completely.
  • I had dinner with LB and LMA and we shared SECRETS that were not really secrets. I feel closer to them and honored that they are letting me in.
  • I babysat Gabriel. Even though he had strep throat, he was a bundle of energy!
  • I cooked baklava for a potluck. It made me feel very nostalgic for my childhood.
Dory moved into AllenHall. She is living with an art ed major who everyone is saying is very nice. She seems tentative and I just can't wait for her to get into the experience and start having fun. Munirih has moved into her own house with roommates after 3 years at Allen. AND she got a job at Paradiso, which brought back lots of nice memories. Bahia has the most life change of all: she is going to South Korea to teach English on September 13th. I am so proud and excited for her and really wish her a special time there. I will miss our regular phonecalls and hope that we stay in close contact while she is there. And ME, well, I think I am stable for the moment!

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