Monday, December 17, 2007


December has been so eventful! Last weekend, two of the interns that are at UNL came to visit and I was able to be a hostess. They were great and appreciated DC and Baltimore. I like it when people get really excited on visits and oooohhhh and ahhhh everything.
Thursday was our office party. I hope to get some pictures off the share drive at work and post them here. You know it is my type of office if we can't wait until dessert to break onto the dance floor! I especially enjoyed: the *amazing* 5 course meal at Ranazul, the DJ (same one from last year, he really knows how to do it), CC's J singing Enrique in spanish, lame worm-off, dancing with new Argentinian SWT intern, seeing all of the spouses and partners, getting my groove on. I think the amount of dancing going on made some of the non-work guest feel a bit weird, but this is how we DO.
After moving my first car-load of things into my new place, I spent Friday night at what has been named Camp Glen Burnie. It is a bit like Happy Camp, except more male-oriented. LMA said it was the best time she ever had in someones living room, and that the fact that there are NO clocks in camp glen burnie is BRILLIANT.
Thanks to LB and LMA, I was able to get moved in on Saturday. Thank you Thank you! I am lucky to have those girls. Now I am mostly unpacked and turning to organizing and deep cleaning. The apartment is already starting to look beautiful and I think I will enjoy roommate and his partner.
I've got an insane week planned at work... let's hope for the best! In any case, Friday will mark the beginning of a nice 11 day vacation! It has been two years since I've had a fat break and I hope that work will be in order enough that I can fully enjoy.
Let me know if you need my new address, I might not have your email.

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