Saturday, December 01, 2007

Some pictures from my family's visit to Maryland for Thanksgiving. On Tuesday, we volunteered at Our Daily Bread soup kitchen, serving about 600 people that day. We all really enjoyed the time there and I hope we will have the chance to go back as a family.
On Wednesday, Dad, Jiongyi and I went to DC for Smithsonian and Supreme Court visits. We also took Dad to the new WWII memorial which hit a personal note. It was almost 60 degrees and sunny and a perfect day to be a tourist there.
Our Thanksgiving menu was scrumptious: a small turkey, sweet potato chili, squash soup (with pecan butter!), cheddar and chives mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, wilted spinach salad and cranberry upside down cake with homemade creme! mmmmmmmm. I just ate the last of the leftovers yesterday. Our holiday movie (A Qfamily tradition) was Dan in Real Life, a cute family film or as my dad put it "like Disney with pg-13 pornography" whatever that is supposed to mean.
Friday and Saturday were spent in Old Town Alexandria, a cute shopping mecca near the DC Congress that my family attended. Mom, Jiongyi and I went to Mt. Vernon, which was a BEAUTIFUL 8 mile drive away. Did you know that George Washington invented Thanksgiving? We were all excited about the visit, although frigid wind was blowing up from the Potomac onto us as we waited to see the mansion for over an hour. I bought a year pass, so if anyone wants to return with me in spring to see the plantation grounds, let me know! Did you know that GW was apposed to slavery? Although he had slaves and never put anti-slavery legislation into consideration (because his role was to unite the country and citizens were very divided on this subject), he was convinced by abolitionists that it was not right and freed all of his slaves in his will.
Bahia celebrated her 25th birthday on Thanksgiving day and she was very missed! The good thing is that we got to see her on webchat a couple of times and that it sounds like she had a very memorable day.

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Jessica said...

Hello old friend! Just wanted to stop in and say hello. Hope all is well for you in Baltimore, love.

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