Monday, January 14, 2008

new year

A few things from 2007:

The best books that I read were: Into the Wild, Mountains Beyond Mountains, The Orchid Thief, and The Secret Life of Bees.

Places I visited for the first time: Lisbon, Porto, Annapolis, Budapest, New York City, Ocean City, RDU, Houston, Seattle, Lincoln, Blacksburg.

And here are my mondo beyondos for 2008 (for more on Mondo Beyondos, visit:
Fall in love and be loved by a companion
Be renowned in my field (peace work)
Have enough money to be truly generous
Be clean and pure within and without
Take a nap every day
ditch the car. get a goat.

Finally, happy new year to all and special love to the LMF, KJS and KTH: I would be so overjoyed if we could be together each year!

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KTH said...

You forgot my favorite list: places you've visited for the 4th time. ha.

I can't wait to spend more time with you next month!!

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