Sunday, March 02, 2008

February March

Things have been good and busy recently. I've been savoring this weekend with less activity and time to blog. In February, we had out National Conference at work and I got to spend a few days with KTH. I'm so lucky not only to have my cool job because I know her, but also because my cool job brought her to me twice and me to her once. Blessings!
Feb.15 I had my first party at my new apt. It was a post-valentine's day loose theme and it really brought me joy to show off my new place which everyone agrees is very 'me' (think green street meets Logan Blvd. with hella high ceilings). For the rest of the 3-day weekend I flew to Chicago to see my family and celebrate Ayyam-i-ha. My sisters are such cute college students all sleep deprived and falling asleep any time they are given a second to stop. I got to meet Arianna - she is the happiest bebe!!!!! I'm glad her big brothers liked the Dora book that I brought her :). It was good to see my Grandma and my cousin Maria who is very very preggie with bebe deux.
Megan came to visit the next weekend. The picture above is from her trip here with husband last year. THIS YEAR, it was a girls-only trip (no photographic evidence remains). After an insanely stressful flight delay, we were able to catch up, laugh, cry, psychoanalyze and all. It was very therapeutic (including the part where Meg put me through a boot-camp-like workout at the gym that I was cramping from for 3 days!!). Plus, y'all have got to try the jalapeƱo-gouda grits at Jack's Bistro. sigh. Megan and I have a very special bond because she is one of the angels that was with me during the darkest and scariest part of my life. If I spend the rest of my life showing her love, it will never be enough. The quiet understanding that is between us is absolutely palpable and I hope we can always find ways to be together as the years go by.
On Monday, February 25, we welcomed Liam to the world! Oh Liam, what have you done? I long for you. Congrats, mama- and papa-bean! Our first happy family nephew!!!!!
March might be one of my favorite months. The sun is now up when I wake for work and just creeping into sunset at the end of the workday. HOPE with spring is such a cliche pairing, but year after year it strikes the same chord.

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