Saturday, April 05, 2008

All Faiths Beautiful

Here is a picture of me and my childhood BEST FRIEND at the American Visionary Art Museum. Along with getting to share this favorite Baltimore place of mine with KJS and becoming a member, I got to enjoy a brand-new exhibit: All Faiths Beautiful. The stairwells and walkways is lined with PostSecret postcard submissions all about secrets with Faith and the temporary exhibit is half "The Great Mother of All" and half "Words to Live By" including beautiful goddess renditions and modern illuminated Rumi. Even when the exhibit was a less overtly spiritual theme of "Home and Beast" last year, I felt a deep soul-stirring inside the museum, the way it often feels hard for me to breath in sanctuaries under the weight of being presently conscious of the divine.

This next week marks the birthdays of a lot of my loved ones. Happy Birthday Regan, Liza and Angela!!!!!

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