Sunday, April 27, 2008

upcoming blessings

I'm going to sleep for the last time before I take off on my two week vacation to South Korea. This trip could have in no way been imaginable without the financial support of Bahia, my parents and my job, as well as the support of my boss PR and my teammates. I am humbled by all the different factors that are coming together to let me go (including transportation and holding down of the fort by cna). I always imagined myself visiting Asia, but I didn't have a clear idea of how it would happen. It just seems too easy for me to understand.

I miss Bahia tons. Every day I miss her. I try to not spend too much time thinking about how far away she is, it is too much. I admire her for taking her adventure and not giving up. I can't wait to see what that persistence has given her. I just can't wait to hug her and be with the person that knows me the best, the most profoundly, the truest. sigh.

There are other blessings going on, too. There is the taxes blessing and there is the car insurance blessing. One of my major prayers for this year is to improve my finances, and I can already see it all falling into place in the first months.
In May, we will celebrate the graduation of Munirih, Jiongyi and Dan. YAY! We are also very proud of Munirih for being placed in her number 1 choice for an internship at UC San Fran next year! KJS is also earning her Masters. Good luck to Meg on her GMATs GO MEG!
For Mother's Day I would like to give love to new mama's Lizabean and Maria as well as mamas-to-be babyclairebaby and mamaK.
I'll write more when I'm back from Seoul! Enjoy the springtime, y'all!

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