Saturday, April 12, 2008


For the past month, I have been obsessively attending Zumba classes at my gym. So addictive! I feel like there is a new me: the one that puts in an hour of crazy cardio at the gym without looking at the time once. It is great for my general well being. While blabbing on and on about Zumba to anyone who will listen, lots of people have been asking what it is. I went on a YouTube romp and found a routine that I did for the first time this week. Here is another clip that features a routine that we do a lot in class. Only imagine a class with much more mixing of genders and ages. My Thursday class has the most precious 70-year old African American man! He wears a wicker hat, a sleeveless Nike shirt that comes about mid-torso coupled with spandex pants that also come about mid-torso and velcro snowboots that he wears un-velcroed. He has one of those elderly bodies where the rib-cage is very pronounced and the legs are very thin giving him a distinct rooster look. I kid you not, seeing him gives me more joy than all of my workout endorphins.

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Anonymous said...

HI martha, je lis ton Blog c'est super interessant!! Ce que u fais comme sport, le visite de tes parents, tes reflexiosn sur la Coree et ta soeur, tes amis ;) Je fais comme sport la nage et le pilates. Je veux faire plus de la danse orientale.. J'ai commencé le Zumba à l'air de faire beuacoup de plaisir:))

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