Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my girlfriends

a girlfriend to remember the little things and be thoughtful about them
a girlfriend to drive the miles
a girlfriend to want to more than she does
a girlfriend to enjoy the cheesy with
a girlfriend to tell me it is good that I can imagine the best scenario, and that she is optimistic
a girlfriend to say NO, don't go home, stay and party
a girlfriend to teach me what it means to be giving
a girlfriend to send the note
a girlfriend that loves me neurotic and all
a girlfriend that wishes we were near although we will be further and further
a girlfriend that would pick scabs off my feet if I asked
a girlfriend that trusts me on matters relating to spiritual wellbeing of her marriage
a girlfriend that trusts me with the spiritual wellbeing of her child
a girlfriend to share the pleasure of good food, drink, and sweets
a girlfriend to be my professional advocate
a girlfriend that remembers the beginning and will be there in the end, naturally
a girlfriend that gave trust and respect that is not granted without merit
a girlfriend-mentor
a girlfriend with much in common
a girlfriend to take me as a confidant
a girlfriend that inspires self-determination
a girlfriend that always follows up and gets us together
a girlfriend-healer
a girlfriend that ends each phone conversation with "I love you"
a girlfriend that grants unlimited hugs
a girlfriend to say 'don't even worry about it' when I am bad

I have all of these. Thank you for being one of my fabulous girlfriends.

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Liza said...

We all sure love our Martha-girl!

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