Sunday, June 01, 2008

NOLA/1st firefly

I returned home from my holiday weekend in Chi-town and my work trip to New Orleans bruised, walletless and lucky. Attending the baptism and meeting my godson was joyful. I really want to be a good auntie/cousin to R&R and think that they are just precious. R screamed through the entire baptism, which I laughingly said was to get the devil out.
I got to see my mom and dad and get my mom cheap sunglasses. Dad was feeling good after Natl Convention. My Aunt E is still as ever my hero for refinement and literary prowess.
Monday entailed pre-breakfast Zumba with the folks, brunch with Liam and crew, lunch with my REG girlies (it is crazy how we fall into the groove at a moment's notice each playing the role), and a return to Logan Square for a picnic and chat time with AM and dinner in the hood with the supper club. Congrats to Lierremai for being accepted to Middlebury!!!
Mason Jennings says of the quintessential New Orleans neighborhood "Anyone who says that life is clear/has never seen a mirror/or been to Jackson Square." That was pretty much my trip to New Orleans - a confused dream come true. This town is beautiful and filled with delightful people, real music and satisfying food. Please visit and spend money there. The pictures of my trip are not digital, but I hope a few will turn out and I will be able to share.


heidi said...

Did I miss something in the body of this post? Walletless? Is there a story here that had a happy ending?

And I actually haven't forgotten to tell you the story of how David and I met and somehow decided to get married after only 2 months.

missmartha said...

Heidi! We should catch up! Do you still have my cell number? Give me a call if you do :) Lovya.

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