Monday, July 21, 2008

the good stuff

Just a quick post to talk about some of the good stuff that is out there. Work has been going surprisingly well and I have recently received some much craved positive reinforcement and encouragement. Yay! I've also recently been given the perk of meeting with a professional coach at work - the free coaching is a true aid and I do already feel it helping me work through some of the issues that make my worklife so intense. I got a webcam and added Skype - today I tested it out and was able to teleconference Bha and Maya :) I'm hooked. My weekend spent in the Shenandoah Valley to celebrate LB's upcoming wedding was !FUN! and definitely made me want to move forward with my dream of ditching my car and moving south to raise goats. Angie called and shared that her flowershop, fleur, was voted best florist by the Chicago Reader. Angie is one of TWO designers there and I am very very proud of her. Also, fleur is located in the fabulous Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, just the best place in the universe is all. Finally, things are going well with O.Z. I completely enjoy myself when with him; love loVE LOVE his silly sense of humor and am being treated very nicely. A lucky girl.

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