Tuesday, August 12, 2008

hello friends

I'm writing now from my new dell!!! It is the first new computer that I have owned and another testament to the BOUNTY that is in my life right now. I've been keeping busy during my internetslessness.
I finished Le Scaphandre et Le Papillon and sent it off to Ivy as she departs this week from Middlebury to start her year in Paris. I'm now reading What is the What, a novel account of a Lost Boy of Sudan by my beloved Dave Eggars. THAT is a man that knows how to paint a vivid picture of personal tragedy.
The Campaus surprised me with a lil visit to Bmore that we packed with much exploring, celebratory food and catching up.
I started attending 'mellow out mondays' at a local club - a weekly installment of blues, r&b, funk, jazz that is engrossing.
My SYTYCD fetish came to a close last week with JOSHUA winning!!! I didn't see the finale, but seriously, seriously, YouTube some of his routines with Katee if you want to see a miraculous performance. One of the judges said it right when following a really hot paso doble: this dancer completely defies expectations of a dancer without any classical training and is a true artist.
O.Z. and I did some fun stuffs the last few weeks like charles village farmers market, Body Worlds, A Book Thing, Olympic opening ceremony, Chipoltle (with him eating TWO burritos back to back..........) and most recently me eating homemade pizza and a late night meteor shower viewing.
It's nice to be back in blogosphere.

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