Wednesday, September 03, 2008


August brought me a few roadtrips in my car - to Ohio for the Black-Margida wedding and to NC to visit KJS, LBM and Aunt Lisa's family. LB's wedding was so celebratory! I've included a picture that I feel captures the essence. I love NC tons and just feel good there. It is always fun to spend time with KJS and feel the true joy of being with someone that saw a lot of my development and also has a sassy, sharp, crazy sense of humor. LBM made me laugh when she said that I seem to be more excited about her new life in Durham than she is. I know that she is happy, but I am EXUBERANT. Seriously, I miss my MD girlfriend very much.
In between the two visits, I hosted T for a little staycation. We went to the Charles, Tapas Teatro, Banana Cafe and around town a bit. It is always nice to see a snail soap-roap colleague. We all started our careers together at the entriest of all entry level jobs and I am proud of the career that she has built for herself.
Other than that, I've been spending a significant amount of time working, following the election and trying to enjoy some summertime. I tried to capitalize last week by taking an after work run, but tripped over a low chain-link fence and landed on cement. silly.

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