Saturday, November 01, 2008


Following my trip to CU, I got to see OZ, recently returned from his trip to Jordan. Sweet reunion! I'd missed him a ton and it seemed terrible to think that in three days I would have to leave for 4 more days on the road for work. Thankfully, Pittsburgh was AWESOME! JM and I soaked in the fall beauty during the drive. Roomie and foodie C had encouraged me to try a Primanti Bros. sandwich while there (always served with french-fries and cole slaw on the 'wich), and thankfully my students were awesome enough to plan our Friday social there!!! Y'all know I can't do messy food well, so this picture is actually a bit misleading (I ate most of it with fork like a LOSER). I could totally see myself living in Pittsburgh... more pictures available on my flickr (click on the image above to link).

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