Saturday, November 01, 2008


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Lucky girl am I! My work also sent me to Northern California, which means that I got to have a peek at Munirih's life since she moved there in July. I am so proud of her! She is embracing her work at UCSF hospital and is learning so much about illness, compassion and cure. I am also JEALOUS of her life: the mansion that she lives in, her walk to work, the cafes and alterna-chic stores all around her, the GROCERY in her hood, the park, her quintessential SF location (can you get any more SF than living on Ashbury at Haight???). Click on the image to check out more photos of her nest on Flickr (including a shot of the mona lisa painting as viewed from the john which I found funny since this chef d'oeuvre is displayed so prominently in my current apartment as well).

While I was in SF, OZ was in Hawaii presenting at a conference. AT THE SAME TIME AS OBAMA. Although I know it was hard for him to return from PARADISE and he is now coordinating his transfer to University of Hawaii, it also meant an end to our crazy schedule-induced separations that prevailed in October. good stuff. November calls for much less nation hopping. I stoked about the election, planing my trip to PR, Thanksgiving -- best holiday ev-ah -- and chuck-and-erin-the-event.

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