Saturday, January 03, 2009


Inspired by my beloved girlfriend May, I've chosen to reflect on little wishes to accomplish before my 30th birthday (in 2.5 years) rather than setting a new year's resolution. Last year, I chose to dream up a mondo beyondo rather than a resolution, and it was a funny thing. A few months ago, I felt like I had it all except for the naps and the goat... now I feel really different. Perception!

As I did last year, I'd like to list the amazing places that I visited for the first time in 2008. What a blessing to experience Jordan (dead sea, Wadi Rum and Petra), Amsterdam, Seoul, New Orleans, Philadelphia, the Shenandoah, Lubbock, West Lafayette, Pittsburgh, Davis and the Pigeon Forge area of the Smokey Mountains. And people came to me (KTH, KJS, Dory, Mom and Dad, Megan and Chris, Tara, Bahia and Dan)....

In 2008, I attended 2 splendid weddings (I know, I'm really slowing down!). I am proud to know the lovely Black-Margidas and Vaughn-Nas. I became a godmother to Ricky W. and joyfully welcomed miracles Liam and Sebastian to the world. A year of boys, I guess!

I let myself fall in love after three years of guarded heart and fearfulness. I didn't do it to perfection and I still have issues about trust and allowing myself to completely let go within the comfort of a loving companionship, but I don't regret opening myself up as much as I was able, letting someone else in.

I have so much more to try and to do! I feel a gypsy stirring that history tells me can only be satisfied by stirring up a lot of muck. Here is my 30 by 30 -- I invite you to post one below! I focused on things that I feel I can accomplish without the need of a ton of luck, divine intervention or partnership; I felt that they would be most satisfying.

In alphabetical order:

Become friends with my parents
Belong to a book or cooking club
Bring all of my girlfriends together for a weekend
Cultivate an African Violet
Dance until the sun comes up
Decide what field I will pursue my Masters in
Find community
Go on a week-long camping trip
Have 10K in savings
Have a colonic cleansing
Have a commute that doesn't involve a car
Have a flat tummy and bikini body
Have better credit
Hire a counselor
Interview my grandma
Know my sisters as they are
Learn to keep my personal spaces organized
Live overseas again
Live where I can get yummy produce on foot
Love my job
Own a camera
Read the biography of Martha Root
See Nabihe again
See NYC in all 4 seasons (I've only seen summer)
See Quebec
Sit and read a book to my godson
Speak/Read/Hear French daily
Start my teapot collection
Stop finishing the sentences of others
Train myself to wake up with the alarm (no snooze)

Pictures of Tennessee New Year's to come! Happy 2009!

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