Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 4: International Evening/Inaugural eve

The international evening at General Conference has quite a reputation for being an unforgettable evening of international food, drinks This year, we tried to accommodate everyone with the staples: bourbon, whiskey, pringles, rice crispy treats, oreos and m&ms to represent the US. As President OBAMA was to be inaugurated the following day, my boss purchased 120 pins off e-bay for us to share. Can you believe that they were gone faster than the whiskey and coke????? I love the picture on top of a friend from Poland popping her Obama Biden January 20, 2009 pin :) Although anyone who had talked to me prior to my departure for Poland knows that I was inconsolable about missing the festivities in DC, we certainly did celebrate the advent of the new administration in our own way.

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