Sunday, February 22, 2009


I had a really hard time picking which pictures to post on my blog from my trip to Macedonia... so I played around with moviemaker and selected a few favorites (below). The rest of the 200 photos are on my flickr. Following my work conference in Poland, I returned home to Skopje with my friend Desi. It was AWESOME to meet her family and her girlfriends and see all of the places that she has been talking to me about during her months in DC. This was a true vacation -- relaxing, site seeing, EATING AWESOME HOMEMADE BALKAN FOOD, going out dancing. Desi's family was so kind and loving to me, I'm so happy that I got to meet them!! It was also awesome to meet Vladimir's mom and learn more about Desi and Vladimir's childhood and their life as a couple. I'm so lucky to have friends all over the world that spoil me when I come to visit... I can't imagine globe-trotting any other way.
If you have never been to the Balkans, you should go! I really love this part of the world and my second visit back (10 years after I went to Slovenia and Croatia) lived up to my romanticized memories.
One last announcement that I have to slide into this post: as soon as I returned home from europe I joined facebook. Yes, I do hear the resounding 'i told you so'. It is not because of the 50 or so awesome people that I met on this trip as some have been assuming. The reason that I joined is because it hurt my heart to know that I am not in touch with any of the stellar people that I met during my first sojourn to eastern europe in '99. Also because I knew that Maike and James were living in Kosovo, but I was totally out of touch with them to say that I would be close (so sad!!!!). If you are on fb, please add me! However, know that forever and ever this blog will be the place to go to keep in touch with me and that my flickr page (such higher quality than facebook!) will be the place for all of my photos.
Enjoy my first ever (so basic!) video!
ps - I noticed that I had somehow disabled comments from my blog... you should be able to comment again ;)

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