Saturday, March 07, 2009

PR first images

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I'm waiting for the rest of the pictures that I took during my Puerto Rican holiday. In the meantime, I snapped a few shots on my blackberry that are already posted! I love this photo because it shows how private and empty the beach was at our hotel. There was a moment when I was the only person in the ocean. There were directions I could look and only see sand, blue sky, water and rocky bay.

For those of you who don't know, I've been fantasizing about getting away to puerto rico for a few years now. I'm obsession prone and this was one of the bad ones. It all started when I moved to a puerto rican neighborhood in Chicago and become obsessed with Caribbean food and boricua living. It got worse when I visited JnJ in Brooklyn and saw pictures of their paradise elopement in PR. My love for reggaeton, salsa and zumba didn't help. The fact that I haven't had a real ocean vacation since cote d'azur in 2003 stung (although a day here and there in VA or MD did tide me over). Anyways, the short version of my vacation with Anne, Maria, Rick, Reagan and Ricky is that is was splendid! I love the island and the 80 degree weather was made better by the fact that both Chicago and MD were hit with massive amounts of snow :)

Aside from beach bumming and getting my skin eaten up by the sun, other awesomes were puerto rican food, Old San Juan and the rainforest (El Yunque). It was great to be with the W family and have some QT with Reagan and Ricky. They are soooo adorable and I just want to be with them! They will be completely different each time I see them and that is just sad. It was great to have Anne along to heighten the adventure and fun times. She did an awesome job of shaking off the bad week (break in to her apt=move, car towed, etc) and just roll with it island style. It was great to catch up with her! Even though the stress level was high leading up the the trip, her life seems good.

Anyways, if anyone wants to have a sweet good time on vacation, you should go to Puerto Rico. And take me along because I am hooked!

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