Sunday, April 05, 2009

The rest of March....

intl strip, originally uploaded by missmartha.

It seems like I've been a bit off posting... where did March go? March was a sad, dark, blah month like it usually is. I hate the havoc of time change and MD had a lot of cold, dreary days. Clouds have been hanging over the workplace for sure.

THANK GOD Lindy came to visit me :) We had a nice girlfriends weekend with our favorite things (cooking in, urban exploration, book talk, shoe shopping, chocolate and dining). Miss ya, Lindy!

Right before she arrived, I received my camera in the mail!!!!! It is my first digital camera and I hope that my blog will include more photo content and more pictures by the author. I've really enjoyed playing around so far and even created a set on flickr for pictures that I think are more than a snapshot.

I then started to feel sick and had to travel to vegas for work with another bummer of a head cold. sigh. I know that people have been mentioning that this year has been worse than others, but I SERIOUSLY want to whine and complain about my severe illnesses. Boo. The work part of my trip to Vegas was subdued by dehydration, nyquil, sleep and the inability to breathe, but I started to feel better and had a nice day with Nate. We went hiking, checked out his new place and the 'rents new place, caught up very much so and ++best part++ went to dinner at Samba and out to see Cirque du Soleil performance LOVE (the Beatles review). This show was magical. They incorporated my favorite Beatles song, "Something", which was a special moment, but really the whole show stirred me up and made me feel so thankful that the Beatles became immortal.

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