Saturday, May 02, 2009

the light

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I have some exciting things to post about!

First of all, the picture featured is my favorite singer, Mason Jennings. I went to the eastern shore to hear him play last weekend and it did feel like he was talkin to me the whole time.

Saturday, I drove up to Philly. I met KL downtown and though we haven't seen each other since college, she summed it up by saying that it felt like no time has passed. She seems very very happy. My purpose for the Philly trip, however, was to spend time with Bahia, Dan and Dan's family. It was great to see them again (it had been almost 5 months and I hadn't seen them since the engagement). Bahia is (of course) BELOVED by her in-laws to be. YAY I will see her again this week!!! The weather that weekend was unreal - so sunny and hot and perfect and everyone just seemed charged by it.

This week has been a blluuurrr. Monday was great because I could actually squeeze an hour run in after I got home from work, a sign that we finally have light. Caro invited me to our first of (hopefully) many 'get stoopid' sessions enjoying the fact that we live in a walk up unit on a boulevard :) and we sat and chatted til past midnight. Tuesday was vegan food and AI (no AI post this week, but they were all really good, unlike the last two seasons at this point). Wednesday was a special salsa meetup closing down one of the group venues and I was out dancing until one. The DJ was just rockin and the energy was great with a rare full house for a wednesday night event. Thursday, I zumba'd with Erin (fun!) and then went to an old school diner. Friday was girls night with lilDebbie which included zumba and hibachi.
All of this while work was at an all time accelerated and insane speed. I am praying that there will be some peace and resolution for the large project that I have been working on interdepartmentally!!! And that I will find a way to feel 'good enough' about the work that I accomplish each day.

In other exciting news from this week, I received my first bit of hatemail!! In order not to miss it, please click on the 'reflections' button from my last post. I'm the new Heather Armstrong!!! Well, not quite...but I am glad that I finally wrote something interesting enough to get someone's knickers in a knot. The comment is quite funny, enjoy!

On May 1 Ava Loren Kopolow was born to Jessica and Dan!!!! I can't wait to meet her! I didn't get to see Jess at all during the pregnancy, so it is all a bit surreal right now. Mazel Tov!!

Katie and Ben are expecting! The baby is lovingly named curlyfry for the moment and I'm so happy to be a tia for the third happy family babe. We have a girl and a boy, so now what?

Angie reminded me to practice gratitude and I've been trying. With more light, more life, more love, more health and more time -- how can I not thank God?


Anonymous said...

Mason Jennings! He sang the them to the Dukes of Hazard?

missmartha said...

Mmmm, no, that was Waylon relation. You should check out Mason, though.

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