Sunday, May 24, 2009


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Some HUGE things have happened since my last post!!!! The biggest deal was that I returned home to Illinois for B's bridal shower. I flew into O'Hare and had the pleasure of spending Thursday evening with Lizabean. Lil L woke in the morning to play with me and warm my heart. He is the same as the baby I knew -- a joyful and social one -- but really getting big! Friday was spent downtown chitown and I was sooooo happy to play tourist there with B and M. I had coffee in the morning with Chantal (she is good) and then went on the architectural boat tour with the sisters. They were laughing at the gazillion pictures that I took ("It is like you've never been to the city before!!!!") --- I was moved by the beauty of this city that I left behind three falls ago. B treated us to a fancy lunch of conceptual salads and then we scooped up E and drove down to Mahomet. We met the rest of the family and Dan and enjoyed a quiet evening together.

On Saturday, Dad made us his famous pancakes and i ran to VGS to pick up flowers with B. It is always so awesome to see Koni and Harry! The shower was sweet -- a fancy tea party with 30 women that LOVE Bahia. I liked when we went around the room giving a word of wisdom for a happy marriage. There were laughs and tender moments. Anyone who wanted to was invited back to the house to open presents and chill. Quite a large group came out! In the evening, we went to Korean Karaoke... that is where the above picture was shot of my joyful, beautiful sisters.getting down.

Sunday, Mother's Day, we went to the cemetery and met Aunt Peg and Jamie to plant flowers at Grandma and Grandpa's grave. I also got to visit other family members and important family friends; I hadn't been there in years and find it so swweeeet that Aunt Peg has that tradition. We wrestled up a fancy and indulgent picnic to honor my momma which seemed to please all (think sushi, french cheese, grapes, hummus, sparkling pear juice....). It was a great happenstance to all be together for Mother's day!
Although leaving the family is always sad, it was made better by the fact that we will all be together for the wedding in a few weeks. :)

I had left work feeling stressed and overwhelmed, but returned recharged and happy. I had a large professional victory when my first short-term program left the next Sunday for Germany!

The next weekend, Ruth celebrated her graduation with more sisters, Chinese fire lantern launch and some salsa dancing on a humid, sweaty night. Congrats, Ruth!

I've been seeing a nice, kind, bright man named CF (not to be confused with the Hammer's curlyfry!). He has touched my heart with his openness, soulfulness and kind attention to me. YAY!

Happy birthday Munirih, Azul, Tim and Ozkan!!!!!!!!!! Happy summertime (finalllllly).

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